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Payment Statement : Your credit card statement will read "ALW*aios18882551137.

For billing questions please call Allied Wallet at +1-888-255-1137 or Click Here
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Thank you for choosing payment by electronic check. Charge-One (Check2Pay), our payment processor and a registered US company, will process your payment. For your security, no check will be issued and processed unless the transaction and the check payment had been validated. Please expect a call from Charge-One to validate and confirm your transaction and authority for the issuance of your check as payment.

To expedite the resolution of any complaint or requests for refund, please contact Charge-One (Check2Pay) directly through any of its following contact information:

Charge-One (Check2Pay):

Telephone No. : 312-765-7495 Ext. No. 506
Email Address :
Postal Address: 3275 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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